Vertical Hydraulic Power Unit

Basic Parts in Hydraulic Power Unit Accumulators An accumulator is a container that attaches to the hydraulic actuator. It collects water from the pumping mechanism and helps build and maintain fluid pressure. Motor Pumps One hydraulic power unit can have a single motor pump or multiple devices, each with its accumulator valve. For the multiple-pump system, only one operates at a time. Tanks A tank is a storage unit with enough volume. The fluid in the pipes can drain into it. Likewise, actuator fluid may sometimes need flowing into the tank container. Filters A filter is a self-contained bypass unit with a motor, pump, and filtering apparatus. It's usually installed along the top of the tank. It can fill or empty the tank by activating a multi-directional valve. Filters can often be replaced while the power unit is functioning. Coolers and Heaters  Collor and heaters are for the temperature regulation process. The air cooler usually is installed near or behind the filter unit. It helps to prevent temperatures from rising too high. Likewise, a heating system, such as an oil-based heater, can be used to elevate temperatures when necessary. Power Unit Controllers The hydraulic control unit is the operator interface containing power switches, displays, and monitoring features. It is essential for installing and integrating a power unit into a hydraulic system. Company Certificates

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Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer? A1: We are the manufacturer with Exporting License. Q2: How long have you been in the Hydraulic Power Pack industry? A2: Since 2005 Q3: How long is your warranty period? A3: 12 months after on board. Q4: How long does it take to process customized orders? A4: It usually takes 30-45 days to process. It can be discussed. Q5: Have you been exported overseas? A5: We have been exporting to the USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, etc.  And if you have samples, we can manufacture according to your samples after sending it to us. Welcome to our factory if you have any time. Your satisfaction is our biggest motivation. More information, contact via email or phone: Phone: +86 18852597266