Do you know what is hydraulic?

What is hydraulic?
Simply speaking, it’s like electricity and air, which is around our daily life.
When a current flows through a wire, motors work.
When the liquid flows through the pipe, cylinders work.
The figure below shows how the hydraulic system drives the cylinders.


The liquid runs when the pump works under the motor drive. At the pump exit, the extracted liquid accumulates to create pressure. Going through the switch valve, the pressure can be delivered to the cylinder. The output of the cylinder is related to the pressure P [mpa] and area S [m2] (Based on PASCAL’s principle).And the speed is proportional to the liquid amount the pump extracted per unit time.

For the same output between 1 to 70MPa, the hydraulic one is much smaller than electricity or air driving machines, whic makes hydraulic machines outstanding.

Here introducing you one example of hydraulic cylinder application.


The below picture shows the thermal rolling machine, which irons the red-hot steel.

 And the following diagram is the working principle.

The hydraulic cylinders are installed in the rollers. The steel becomes thinner when the hydraulic cylinders works to press the upper roller. By adjusting the pressure of hydraulic liquid, the thickness of iron varies.

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