Daily Maintenance Skills of Hydraulic Cylinder

In the work, if you can master some simple and easy-to-operate maintenance skills, it can help you prolong the hydraulic cylinders service life.

Here are some skills to share with you.

First: Derusting

When works, the piston part of the hydraulic cylinder often stretches out. And It can be eroded by oxidized and acidic gases. Grease should be coated regularly to protect the piston from being broken.

Second: Oil Change

After a long time of use, foreign bodies will inevitably enter into the hydraulic cylinder, which will increase the friction phenomena. In addition, hydraulic oil also has a certain service life. No oil change will damage or erosion of the hydraulic cylinder.

Third: Temperature Control

Oil temperature affects the service life of the seals. A long-term high oil temperature causes permanent deformation of the seal even complete failure of the hydraulic cylinder.

Above are the basic maintenances from Yongxiang Hydraulic, a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder with 14-year experience.