How to Find the Cause of Hydraulic Failure? II


Last time, we talked about the first method of how to find out the cylinder failure cause.

Today, let’s have two more ways.

1.Cause and Effect Diagrams

Using the method of cause-and-effect Diagram, also called the fishbone diagram, to analyze the failures of hydraulic equipment, we can not only find out the primary and secondary causes of faults quickly but also can accumulate the experience of removing defects.

Causality Diagram analysis, which combining maintenance management with fault finding, is widely used.

2.Ferrography Technolgy 

The ferrography technology bases on the wear of the mechanical friction pair. The ferrography helps separate the particles and other pollution particles from the hydraulic oil. The isolated items form ferrography sheets, and then we can watch them under a Ferroscope or scanning electron microscope. Through the above analysis, the critical information about wear in the system can be found accurately. Based on this, wear phenomenon is further studied, wear condition is monitored, fault precursor is diagnosed, and system failure prediction is finally made.

Ferrography is applied to the detection, monitoring, analysis, and fault diagnosis of oil contamination in the hydraulic system of construction machinery. And it is intuitionistic, accurate, and more information. Therefore, it has become a mechanical engineering hydraulic system fault diagnosis and analysis of a powerful tool.